Make a Donation

DSC_0165Why Donate?

  • Support Program Expenses
    Although the program operates with a generous in-kind support from UTEP (i.e. facility use, utility expenses, parking arrangements), the program has some minimal but reoccurring expenditures. These include the hourly wage of the trained program supervisors (Kinesiology undergraduate students do not get paid, only program supervisors), as well as facility, equipment and research expenditures. Our continued ability to offer the program to older adults from the community, the program’s financial security is vital. Your donation would contribute to our program’s finances.
  • Help to Expand the Program
    Our program has been functioning out of a single facility location on the UTEP campus. In order to better serve the entire Paso Del Norte Region and provide a truly accessible program for all older adults in the region, opening new program locations will be necessary. Your donation will help to secure the funds necessary for such program expansion.
  • Continued Research
    Your donations will facilitate new research relevant to older adult fitness, as well as other areas of Kinesiology. Increased research productivity ultimately allows us to further educate and support the needs of our community and participants.
  • Maintaining the Facilities
    Our facility provides a unique, safe, and well-equipped exercise environment. Although small, our facility is currently equipped with the most comprehensive, high quality and well maintained exercise equipment. However, equipment wears out, gets old or just sometimes breaks. With the help of your contributions we will be able to keep our facility in top condition and continue to provide our participants the best program we can.

How do I make a Donation?

  • Please visit the UTEP Institutional Advancement Office website. Click on the Give Now button.
  • Visit the Institutional Advancement Office in person or send a mail to their office at:UTEP
    University Development
    Kelly Hall, 7th Fl.
    500 W. University Ave.
    El Paso, TX 79968-0524
  • Visit directly us at the Fitness Research Facility and pick up a donation form.
  • With any method of donation, please make sure you designate the Physical Fitness in the Golden Age program as your designated recipient of the donation!