Personal Testimonies

DSC_021345I truly am motivated to get into shape, thanks to the wonderful program! We truly appreciate our trainer, Sarah Rodarte. Thank you Dr. Dorgo!

-Dr. Gonzalez

The PFGA program provides a research program, excellent students directing correcting and advising. The fact that fellow participants are so motivated serves as a guide and example for me. I have joined gyms, had trainers but this program keeps me motivated and coming back. The best part is the individual student guides during the spring and fall semesters. Keep it going!

-Jacquelyn Spier

This being my eighth year in our Health and Fitness program, I am truly blessed! After retiring from 45 years in different careers of medical technology, chemistry and engineering and never having an opportunity to do real exercises, this is indeed a blessing!

My body has taken a different tone in all areas. The muscles that hold up my weak knees have strengthened the improved upper body muscles now allow me to move more easily in routine, home and house work. Much improved flexibility and agility allow me to accomplish different tasks and most importantly to be with and play with my wonderful grand children of all ages.

Am very appreciative of Dr. Dorgo, his staff and our university that is responsible for this program.

I invite all seniors to join us; we welcome you! Come join us, don not be fearful, people from all walks of life are here among us!

-Corinne Payan

I think this program is fabulous. I have been a part of it for the past seven years since it started and it has been one of the best experiences ever. If it wasn’t for this program I don’t think I would have been around for as long as I have been. It is a great environment with great people and I make every effort to attend as much as possible.

-Arthur Lesser

The gym managers have always been helpful, polite and mindful of the dignity of the person who needs the correction. You design workouts that, over the course of a few weeks, touch every muscle in the human anatomical inventory. I feel happier and more in control of my body than I was in my 20s. Your program has allowed me to expand to extend myself. I’m able to do physical labor (we moved our household last month) for 10 to 14 hours a day. I found I could push myself to do more than I would have dared attempt before. Thank you for allowing me to keep pace with the tasks set before me and to conquer all!

-Lori Hoefner

I am an 82 year old, retired Army LTC, combat vet, 90% disabled. I have had 3 heart attacks, have 5 stents, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, had prostate cancer, etc. Yet today I “look good”, feel good, eat what I want, walk, play golf, romance the wife, etc. I am in good health and enjoying life.
I attribute all of this to early life style but also to the UTEP Sr. Program initiated by Dr. Dorgo. I entered in the 2nd class and have been with the program ever since. I get to the gym 1-2 times a week, (my target or 3 trips is rarely met). Without reservation, I recommend this program to anyone who can qualify to get in.

-Cephus S. Rhodes AKA “Dusty”