Director’s Welcome

Dr. Sandor Dorgo

On behalf of the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Texas at El Paso, I would like to welcome you on the Physical Fitness in the Golden Age website. Thank you for taking time to learn more about our program!

It is with pride that I direct this program, which over the years has grown from an idea into a meaningful community program making a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of El Paso older adults. Our program has started out as a small pilot project with a group of 30 older adults, and with hard work and the generous support of the UTEP Administration grew into a well recognized program serving our region. Today the program operates with a well-equipped exercise facility located on the UTEP campus that provides a dedicated space for older adults who wish to improve their health and fitness through participating in our program. In addition, our vision is to expand the program beyond the UTEP campus and have multiple locations throughout El Paso, thus providing easy program access to a larger number of older adults. The need for such a program is tremendous, as older adults have limited opportunities to participate in truly meaningful exercise programs and receive the social support necessary to remain active during their golden years. Our program aims to help older adults to achieve a healthy and physically fit lifestyle, maintain their mobility and independence, and achieve a successful aging. Accomplishing such goals would not be possible without the tremendous help received from many individuals who supported and continue to support this program, ranging from students to UTEP administrators, as well as the program participants themselves. A special THANK YOU goes to the Paso Del Norte Health Foundation that supported the start-up of our program with funding through the Ageless Health Initiative. Without their initial support our program would not be here today!

I believe the program’s future and success lies in the continued collaboration between everyone involved. The selfless hard work from trainers and participants is a joint enterprise that supports the future growth of the Physical Fitness in the Golden Age program and allows us to reach out to a greater number of older adults residing all throughout the Paso Del Norte Region.