Becoming a Participant

DSC_0603Older adults interested in our program or others who know an older adult who may benefit from participating in our program should contact us or send us their contact information (name, phone number and email address). Our staff will contact prospective participants, provide basic information about the program and answer any questions.

Prospective participants interested in the program after the initial contact will be asked to visit our facility for an orientation and observe our program. During this visit prospective participants can gain a deeper understanding of our practices and program approach, can see other participants “in action”, and can ask further questions. Also during the orientation prospective participants can walk through the facility, observe the surrounding facilities (such as the Kidd Field) where some program exercises take place, and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Prospective participants will be asked about their schedule and availability and will need to commit to two exercise sessions weekly at the own preferred times. Also, all participants need to obtain a physician’s approval letter that states that the prospective participant’s health is conducive of regular exercise program participation.

Program sessions for new participants start three times each year, coinciding the start of the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters at UTEP. These are typically the first or second weeks of September, January and May. New participants in their first semester of program participation are offered and encouraged to work with a Kinesiology undergraduate student trainers. Once their first semester of program participation is completed, returning participants have the choice of requesting further personal training from student trainers, or if they prefer they can continue without a trainer. Program supervisors are attending each program session and provide necessary help and assistance to all participants, even if student trainers are not present.