Summary of Steps to Enrollment


  1. Contact us, leave us your name, phone number, email address
  2. Our staff will contact you within a few days
  3. Visit your physician and obtain the requested approval letter
  4. Arrange for a facility visit/orientation session
  5. Visit us; plan for a 20-30 minute orientation session
  6. Fill out an admission packet during your visit. Packet will require information on, but not limited to:
    1. Name, contact information, age
    2. Ethnicity, language preferences
    3. Availability for program sessions
    4. Medical history and status
    5. Health and exercise behavior
    6. Signatures will be required as agreement to terms
  7. Fill out and return the completed admission packet along with your physician’s letter
  8. Choose a membership
  9. Confirm your participation and the scheduled session attendance